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Happy Holiday Break!
7D$ SirCrush 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 15th Dec 2012
Hey $inners, both of the Requiem and Deadly variety, I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday!

THis site has been dormant and will probably continue to be until after the first of the year but we have some big things on the horizon and I am personally going to be organizing alot of clan events, get-togethers, meetings, and etc. Basically, our foundation has been FIRMLY built and I think it's time to stepp it up and promote the unity that the foundation has been built upon!

The goal, as always, is fun and companionship but a bit of competition will be sprinkled in as well for those of us who thirst for blood! Think clan battles, questing, co-op trophy hunting, and also I'd like to see if we can get a 5v5 game between all 7D$ members in a game of our choosing, hopefully OUTSIDE of Twisted Metal as well as within.

Keep on coming back, guys. Enjoy your real life families and rest assured your virtual family is right here waiting when things settle down.

I appreciate all the support and have started to throughly enjoy the Requiem folk I have met thus far. I hope we can all intermingle and discover new gaming possibilities between the now quite large group that we have. THat is, as soon as everyone registers! lol

Wreck on $inners!

15th Dec 2012 7D$ Ash
Nice message! Happy holidays to you and yours as well! I personally am looking forward to meeting more of the Requiem crew. Have met some so far, but I know there's more! I hope to find interest in some games the others do as well. Would be nice to get a little more into games beside TM, or the other few that I play. ^_^
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