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Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
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24th Jan 2013

This isn't a multiplayer gamme but figured I'd share my experience thus far in this game.

It's cutesy and flippin kid friendly so my daughter loves it. (Your little buddy with a nosering, Drip, says flippin all the time...a clear not to the word "fuckin" but cute nonetheless!).

I am only a couple hours in but after reading the virtual "Wizard Book" (which took quite some time) I see this game is going to have TONS of depth. Hell, the battle system is deep in itself! Not quite as fun as FF13 or 13-2 but more challenging and alot more to do/juggle between.

The story is awesome, art is phenominal...I'll blog a final rating when i complete it but thus far...wow. Lookin like at least a 9.0, perhaps 9.5 on the Crusher Scale.

If you like RPGs with an old school flavor but new school feel, grab this one. It's no Fallout or Mass Effect...more akin to FF6 or Dragon Quest 6 with a Pokemon-esque story. I know, doesn't sound that flattering but trust me when I say it is surprising and most importantly for an RPG...ENGAGING.
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