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Practice!!!!! 1/13 SUNDAY!!!!
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13th Jan 2013

Hi guys!

I want to practice w/ my favorites!!!! I hope to get together around 9:30- 10pm est. This whole thing is and will always be based on availability. Depending on the outcome of these practices I can then determine set days etc. that we can meet up and work on our team work.

Those who I truly wanna see on one team would be: myself, cub, rob, nxt, sic, jobby. . If anyone else within our clan wants to give us a go and help us work on our team work I would greatly appreciate your attendance. This isn't meant to single anyone out, but this has been the most active crew as of lately to play together almost on a nightly basis, be it dm/ tdm, ranked/ unranked. Seeing that bond seems like a great starting foundation to get us goin to work ourselves back up there again. Hope to meet up w/ you guy$ tonight!

AND CRUSH: I hope you come

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