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7D$ vs SYCO
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6th Jan 2013

Hey guys!

Just thought I would let you know I have been in contact with OVERKILL from [SYCO]. I know, I know Crushyskins was supposed to give details on that, but unfortunately he is currently not around. So we like to think he's still celebrating New Years. 8) He'll be back soon ^_^

Anyways guys and gals, Overkill and I have touched base as far as a day and possibly time. Although it's not set in stone JUST YET we are thinking:

Friday 1/11 at 11:00p.m. EST

this battle will be a 7v7 BEST OF 5 MAPS

Possible Roster:

Myself (mommy)- Outlaw
Jcub- DS
Rob- WH
Yurnxt- JYD
Franners1ver- SHADOW
Sicard- RB
Jobjobplayrough- VERMIN (or DW)

Practices will start for upcoming battle 1/6 evening. Times stated in text chats dependent of who is available.

One round in mind per jobby will be cub, rob and nxt against the other 4. Seeing the heavies are constantly hammered on we will warm them up nightly, and have our healer warming up as well. Then we can open up a skilled lobby allowing our 7 vs. 7

Look forward to playing with you all! love you guys!! Mommy out! ::fing::
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