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5th Dec 2012

As we are slowly growing and our demands will require us to have a bit more resources as to donations? My idea is to not pocket any of it I was talking to matt. It would be optional but basically what happens is if you donate it opens you up to receive a prize in a lottery system. So say momma donates 10 bucks to the site, doesnt have to but the incentive is if we have a surplus I put it on the side when it gets up to 20 bucks extra I will purchase a PSN code from amazon.com with it and then send it to the winner of the lottery? It will help us upgrade and stay with the times, and also a new activity for the clan? I will make a paypal account and only share it with 2 other people Sir Crush and I need another volunteer, no worries it will not be connected to any cards or bank accounts
Forum » News & Announcements » Announcements
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