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Possible Next 7D$ Presence in God of War Ascension
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24th Dec 2012

Hey guys just wanted to give a heads up for the upcoming God of War game and my intention of building a clan presence there, possibly for competitive play. Below are some videos you can chek out showing the BETA, which becomes PS+ public on January 8th. THe game itself releases in March. With Sony Santa Monica's presence in the online gaming area of Twisted Metal and the gameplay exhibited in Multiplayer, it has not been CONFIMRED but I BELIEVE they will have an organized clan system. If so, it would be a perfect next home for u$!

(THis is by no means the ONLY gaming home we will have. Twisted Metal will not fall by the wayside, nor will the other games we were built upon but I can foresee a potential for fun and growth in this game AS WELL as the continued presence in the ones we are in).
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Forum » News & Announcements » Announcements
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