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6th Jan 2013

So the idea was shot around about sending me down to Florida for a little while. Well I just got surprised today.

Curt is sending me down there!! Looks like I will be leaving around the 20th. Don't know how long i'm going for as of right now its one way. At least 1 week the max 2 weeks. I don't know if I can take my playstation, if I can take it I will! I willlllll be taking my lappppppy top though! Hopefully Crush will be back before I go. Otherwise I will feel really bad for leaving you guys. I need this though, I've been a wreck ever since I moved back to Michigan. So hopefully this can gain me some closure! ^_^ or the complete opposite and make it worse. Regardless I plan to have a damn good time!

So 2 weeks countdown begins!! 8)
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Forum » News & Announcements » Announcements
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